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Shoulder Dislocation Treatment:

The term shoulder dislocation is used to describe the pop out of the shoulder joint ball out of the socket after particular injury or a twist of the shoulder joint. This can happen in a very fast way particularly in people who suffer from a degree of instability in the shoulder due to previous stretching of the capsule or in cases related to ligamentus laxity. DRHC offers the best Shoulder Dislocation treatment and shoulder dislocation surgery. To get your dislocated shoulder treatment call to +97142798200.

Most of the shoulder dislocations we received in our Dubai shoulder clinic are related to sport injuries, falls and trauma not related to particular sport. Most of the shoulder dislocation injuries happen in the age group between 20 to 30 years old although it can happen in all ages as well.

Shoulder dislocation is very painful condition, the shoulder will be deformed and the patient would not be able to move his/her arm at all. The patient is advised in this condition not to try to reduce his shoulder and to attend the shoulder surgery clinic for the expert to handle the condition in a safe way. Dislocated shoulder surgery in DRHC is carried out by the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai.

Most of the shoulder dislocation events are not complicated but some of them are associated with nerve injury, or vascular injury particularly in high-speed injuries and some of them are associated with a broken bone or rotator cuff tear which is mostly the case in elderly population.

Most of the shoulder dislocations are reduced under sedation or general anaesthetic with a special manoeuvre and the shoulder joint is usually immobilised in a sling for a period of three weeks to minimise the chance of further dislocation allowing the soft tissue to heal.

Acute shoulder dislocation for the first Time is usually related to avulsed anterior labrum from the glenoid which is caused by that particular trauma, and once this happen it will remain a defect which will allow for recurrent dislocation on the long term. The percentage of recurrent dislocation after a cute shoulder dislocation is approximately 80% in the age group 20–30 years old. Therefore we advise for stabilisation of the labrum if any instability symptoms continue beyond 1 to 2 months after the Conservative treatment of acute shoulder dislocations.

On the other hand, chronic recurrent dislocation of the shoulder are mostly related to stretched capsule or Ligamentous Laxity. Theses conditions Are Better Treated with Physiotherapy First and If the Patient Continues to Experience Significant Instability or Recurrent Dislocation, stabilisation of the shoulder is indicated to reduce the volume of the ‏ shoulder joint capsule to prevent further instability and shoulder dislocation events.

Luckily most of these conditions are treated now with arthroscopic technique allowing much less downtime and early return to function and work.

Our expert at Dr Rami Hamed center shoulder clinic would be happy to answer all your questions with regard to the prognosis of your shoulder dislocation event and best management protocol.

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