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Generally, this imaging procedure involves only females and in some VERY RARE cases for males.

In this procedure, breasts are the focus of the examination for a variety of reasons that may include: a palpable lump, swollen breast, visible redness or irritated breast skin, hardening, uneven size & shape, pain or just feeling discomfort.

Other reasons may be for screening purposes without any symptoms, especially for older women or women by the time near, during and after the menopausal stage.

Also, others do it for a more complicated reason like pre-surgical planning or post-surgical monitoring.


We offer Same day mammography and breast MRI service. 

  • mammo slide
  • mammo slide
  • mammo slide



Breast Mammography is used to capture images of the breast. This uses a very special machine that does not do anything else but take an x-ray of the breast.

It is a very common tool used in women's breast screening for cancers or any diseases. 

In some cases, mammography is already enough but sometimes patient is advised to do Ultrasound or MRI for further evaluation. To book an appointment for a Breast Ultrasound in Dubai DRHC call +97142798200.




Ultrasound is also used in breast imaging. It can be considered as the simplest way to take an image of the breast but it cannot replace the need for a Mammogram.

Common breast symptoms may lead to ultrasound examination but mostly it is used to check any abnormalities seen in mammography and to check if a lump is solid or cystic

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  • mri slide breast
  • mri slide breast

MRI is a very effective imaging modality especially in the differentiation of soft tissues which is why it is usually used for the breast.

It can differentiate pathology from normal tissues very well and can identify the difference between liquid, fat, and breast implants if any.

It is commonly used after you have done a mammography or breast ultrasound for confirmation or to further see the extent of any pathology.

In MRI of the breast we can identify: any Arising Tumor and classify it, Infections, Inflamed Injection Sites used for Enhancement, Lymph nodes, Implant Rupture & Position.

It can also be used as a Localizer or for surveying before a surgery or implant is done and after for monitoring or if any complications may arise.

MRI Breast Dynamic is a special breast procedure, it involves injection of contrast material into the blood vessels using an automatic injector with an accurate and uniform injection rate while at the same time being scanned. Basically it means injection and scanning at the same time.

Routinely it is performed after completion of all pre-contrast protocol.

This is used mainly to capture the in & out flow of contrast material into the breast to identify the nature and classification of the pathology if any.

Once processed, a subtracted and 3D image will show clearly the pathology and a dynamic curve will be computed so the doctor can identify and classify it.

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    MRI Dynamic Curve
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    MRI Dynamic 3D
  • mri slide dynamic
    MRI Dynamic