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Neurological Imaging is basically imaging of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

It is a procedure used in determining Brain Pathology, Vascular Irregularities, Spinal Cord Tumor and many more pertaining to Neurological Disorder.

It can be done by either MRI or CT-scan while in some cases are done together plainly or with the introduction of Contrast/Dye into your bloodstream to get a better enhancement.

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various diseases are detected, treated, and prevented from developing into a more serious case like:
  • a brain aneurysm can be detected and rupturing can be avoided
  • a brain tumor forming can be seen and identified so your doctor can treat or remove it before it grows bigger causing more neurological damage
  • infarct can be identified if acute or chronic and be treated immediately
  • Multiple sclerosis can be detected and be monitored while treatment is on going
  • Pituitary tumor can be seen in which may be the cause of abnormal lactation without pregnancy or causing high prolactin
  • detect cranial nerve damage, that may cause visual defect, balance issues or abnormal body functions
  • Stenosis of the blood vessels of the brain that can cause more brain damage
  • Can visualize spinal cord tumor, which can be treated before it can severely damage the spinal cord
  • abnormal anatomy of the nervous system that can affect the neurological functions or just simply causing pain and discomfort
  • can identify severity or degree of a cerebellar & cord contusion or concussion
  • check for metastasis
  • And many more pertaining to brain and Spinal cord…


Common candidates or symptoms requiring Neurological Imaging may include:

Headache/Migraines, Dizziness, Balance problems, Weakness, Incoordination/motor skills impairment, Stroke, Episodes of black-outs, Amnesia, Visual defects, Hearing disorder, Trauma, Lactation without pregnancy, Sleeplessness, Slurred speech, Facial paralysis, Paralysis, Seizures, Twitching of facial muscles, Jerking, Uncontrollable shaking, Inability to focus & Abnormal Growth.


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