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Motivation can be understood as an internal interaction between a person and his/her environment. It can be induced and influenced by the surrounding environment. Specific techniques can be used to motivate the substance user to quit using substances by modifying his own thoughts and his surroundings.

Motivation Enhancement Therapy is a systematic approach to bring about a change in individuals. Therapy focuses on promoting desired behavior by bringing about an internally driven change mechanism.

In substance users, motivation enhancement therapy is undertaken to produce an internal change in their behavior to quit using substances and begin the process of leading them away from a life of substance use.

It’s important to understand how the process of change takes place:

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Motivation Enhancement Therapy is undertaken to bring the individual forward on the cycle of change from pre-contemplation to the action stage and keep them in the maintenance stage. It is an essential aspect of the recovery process from substance use and dependence. It is usually undertaken on an outpatient basis in weekly or bi-weekly sessions with the objective of building up motivation to lead a substance-free life.

Motivation Enhancement Therapy is typically a short-term intervention, consisting of a few sessions, but it can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each person. Research has shown that MET can be an effective approach for helping individuals make positive changes in their behavior and improve their overall well-being.

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