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Crisis intervention is a short-term, goal-oriented psychological intervention specifically designed to help individuals who are in emotional, psychological, or behavioral distress. It is a supportive process that aims to provide immediate support and assistance to individuals who are experiencing a crisis or are in a state of emotional upheaval. Crisis intervention is used in situations such as acute mental health crises (severe anxiety, panic attacks, psychotic episodes, behaviors causing harm to self or others), Personal crises (loss of a loved one, relationship problems, divorce,), developmental crises (identity crises in adolescence, mid-life crises, or existential crises related to one's purpose and meaning in life) or traumatic events (accident, domestic violence situations, large-scale disasters affecting a community).

The primary objective of crisis intervention is to provide immediate, practical, and emotional support to individuals in order to stabilize their emotional state, ensure their safety, and prevent further harm to their mental and emotional health. Once the mental health of the individual is stabilized, this intervention also helps them regain their ability to cope with the situation. Along with crisis intervention, other psychological therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy and coping skills strengthening can be used in combination to build the mental and emotional resilience of the individual. In case a formal psychiatric illness is diagnosed, medication management may also be done to help the individual.

Crisis Intervention Counselling Dubai

Principles of crisis intervention:

Safety and stabilization

The first and most important principle is to ensure the safety of the individual and others around them. Any immediate threats to life or physical, mental, or emotional well-being must be addressed promptly. Occasionally, the individual may be at risk of harm to themselves or others (e.g., self-harm behavior, aggressive behavior, excessive crying spell). It is important to ensure safety steps to reduce the intensity of the crisis.


Establishing a good rapport with the individual is essential for a successful crisis intervention. It is essential to build a trusting and empathetic relationship with the individual. Active listening and non-judgmental communication are frequently used to connect with the individual in crisis.

Resolution of crisis

The primary goal of this psychological intervention is to work with the individual to resolve the immediate crisis. This requires helping the individuals to identify and address the immediate problems or challenges they are facing and help them regain a sense of control and stability in their lives.

Cultural Sensitivity

An important principle is that crisis intervention is done in a culturally sensitive manner. Cultural factors can significantly impact how a person experiences and responds to a crisis. It is important to be respectful of the individual's background and beliefs. The awareness of the unique cultural, social, and individual factors may influence the person's crisis and their response to intervention.

Process of Crisis Intervention


The first step in crisis intervention is to assess the individual's immediate needs and the nature of the crisis. This involves gathering information about the person's emotional state, safety concerns, immediate needs of the individual, any potential risk factors, and support systems available for the individual. Detailed information should also be obtained about the origin and nature of the crisis, its severity, and its impact on the individual. All these details are important to develop an appropriate intervention plan.

Emotional Support

Providing emotional support is a fundamental aspect of crisis intervention. It involves validating the individual's feelings and experiences, providing reassurance, and offering a safe space for them to express their emotions. Empathy, emotional support, and non-judgmental communication help the individual to express their feelings and thoughts and reduce anxiety and distress.

Resolution of Crisis

Crisis intervention as a psychological strategy involves helping the individual to identify the specific problems or stressors contributing to their crisis and exploring potential solutions or coping strategies. This may involve considering all possible solutions and assisting with practical steps and decision-making processes to address the situation. Some of the following strategies may be used to resolve the crisis.

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Crisis intervention is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it varies based on the nature of the crisis, the individual's mental health condition, and the individual’s values and belief systems. It is a valuable approach to provide immediate help and support to individuals in distress and help them regain their emotional stability and resilience. Please get in touch with best psychiatry doctor at Dr Rami Hamed Centre if you are going through a mental health crisis and require mental health intervention and support.


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