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CBT is a type of psychotherapy that helps individuals to take incremental steps toward change in their thoughts and behavior. This form of therapy is widely practiced and is focused on how one’s thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect their feelings and actions.

There are two major goals for CBT. The first goal is to reduce patients’ symptomatology and mental and emotional suffering to improve their mental well-being. The second goal is to teach them skills to cope with their stresses in life which they can employ in their lives over the long term. 

The therapist elicits patients’ thinking, primarily through Socratic questioning, for helping patients assess their thoughts. Typically, this process involves open-ended questions identifying cognitive distortions in the patient’s thought process and finding ways to resolve them, such as seeking alternative explanations, examining the utility of the thought, and asking patients to consider how they would advise another person who had the same thoughts. These techniques are used in a standard 45-60 minute appointment with an individual outpatient.

Uses of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:

  1. Reduce the symptoms of a psychiatric disorder or psychological distress as an independent treatment or in combination with medication.
  2. Modify underlying cognitions and beliefs that lead to the development and maintenance of psychiatric disorders.
  3. Address psychosocial problems (e.g., marital discord, job stress, caregiver burnout) that may have preceded, coincided with, or been caused by the disorder.
  4. Reduce the likelihood of relapse or recurrence of a disorder after symptoms have resolved.
  5. Increase adherence to recommended medical treatment (e.g., medication, weight loss, diabetes management); or moderate the impact of a medical condition on the level of functioning (e.g., chronic pain, cancer).

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Both patients and therapists are active participants, jointly solving presenting problems, evaluating patients’ cognitions in specific situations, and working toward the goals to facilitate remission and prevent or reduce relapse. As a result, patients’ symptoms are reduced, and their mood and day-to-day functioning improve.


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