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Joint Arthroscopy

Joints arthroscopy:

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure used to determine and treat joint abnormalities. This is a very small surgery and can be recommended by your doctor to undergo to facilitate easy treatments and early recovery.

Shoulder arthroscopy:

  • Shoulder arthroscopy is performed under general anesthesia occasionally with regional anesthesia to help the pain after the operation. It is done by using a small camera system and minor tools which can be inserted into the joint easily without any damage. 

Knee arthroscopy:

  • It is just like any other arthroscopic procedure where a viewing device and various surgical instruments are inserted into the knee joint through small incisions shaped like a triangle.

Knee Arthroscopy in Dubai DRHC



Elbow arthroscopy:

  • It is a procedure that is used by Orthopedic surgeons to inspect, diagnose, and repair problems within the elbow joint. It is performed by inserting a small camera into the elbow joint via a 5mm incision in the area around the elbow joint.

Wrist arthroscopy:

  • Wrist Arthroscopy is basically a surgery that enables the doctor to have a deep look inside a joint. This type of surgery is performed when a patient suffers an injury due to twisting of the wrist or a fall.

Ankle arthroscopy:

  • It is a safe procedure, with very minor risks involved including minor wound infection and injury to the tiny sensory nerves in the area which may cause minor numbness in the skin around the ankle. 

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