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How is pilonidal cyst treated?

At DRHC, we are proud to offer, – first time in the UAE, a minimally invasive treatment for pilonidal sinus or cyst called EPSiT - Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment, SiLac (sinus laser ablation of the pilonidal cyst) (SILAC), and Transposition flap (Limberg flap)

Various methods involve

Pilonidal Sinus surgical removal (open technique):

extensive removal of the pilonidal sinus while keeping the wound open.

Typically, it is day-case surgery.

If your sinuses are large or frequently infected, surgery will be necessary.

During this procedure, a general anesthetic will keep you unconscious (you'll be asleep).

A sinus and the skin around are removed.

An open wound is allowed to naturally heal.

Usually, it takes 4_10 weeks to heal.

You'll need to change your dressing frequently.

Pilonidal Sinus surgical removal (closed technique):

Excision of a small pilonidal sinus with primary wound closure, and frequently flattening of the buttocks groove.

It is day-case surgery as well.

During this procedure, a general anesthetic will keep you unconscious (you'll be asleep).

A sinus and the skin around are removed.

Two sides of the wound are stitched together with nonabsorbable suture, and the stitches are removed after 10-15 days.

You'll need to change your dressing frequently.

Transposition flap (Limberg flap)

Limberg flap is a surgical technique used to close the defect after the excision of an extensive, complicated pilonidal sinus by mobilizing healthy skin and underlying fat flap from adjacent buttocks to cover the exposed area after the wide excision.

This surgical technique is used to put wound edges into tension-free.

it is an effective surgical technique, with a low recurrence rate.

it requires general anesthesia.

At Dr. Rami Hamed Center, we are proud to offer – first in the UAE – a minimally invasive treatment for pilonidal sinus called EPSiT

Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment (EPSiT)

This is a very innovative method, performed only with a tiny 5 mm incision on the sinus itself, with no ugly scars or painful wound medications, performed in a daycare setting.

After the incision is made, a fistuloscope (Meinero fistuloscope) is gently inserted. This allows the surgeon to see and treat all sinus tracts directly. The sinus is destroyed by the coagulation performed with a monopolar electrode, and then debris is gently removed with a micro-brush.




The result is a tiny 5 mm incision, without any post-operative pain, and the immediate possibility to resume daily activities like walking, showering, and even sport.

This technique is specially designed for professional football players and other sports competitors needing to resume daily activity as soon as possible but gives a huge advantage to all patients whether athlete or not, therefore avoiding the long post-operative course of the traditional techniques and the ugly scar.

There is no need to pay any particular attention, except for a twice-a-day washing with a saline solution of the small incision.

Esthetic results are excellent after 7–10 days, with a low recurrence rate and abstention.

Sinus laser ablation of the pilonidal cyst (SILAC):

Sinus laser ablation is a minimally invasive effective procedure used for the treatment of pilonidal sinus, this technique uses laser ablation to eliminate pilonidal sinus walls and tract.

SiLaC provides excellent wound healing, minimally visible wounds, and very good aesthetic results.

Typically, pilonidal sinus patients undergo general anesthesia in this procedure.

This procedure only takes 15-20 minutes or so.

During the SiLaC procedure, surgeons remove all hairs and currete all unhealthy tissues, then a tinny flexible laser probe is inserted into the tract, when it is slowly retracted, it emits laser energy at 360 degrees, which causes the shrinkage and closure of the sinus cavity.

Pilonidal Cyst Treatment in Dubai

Sometimes, two holes are mandatory to completely close a complicated sinus cavity.

Advantages of SILAC:

  • Short-term procedure
  • Minimal Pain
  • Fast Recovery
  • Small Wound.

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