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How is Pilonidal Cyst treated?

At DRHC, we are proud to offer – first in the UAE – a minimally invasive treatment for pilonidal sinus or cyst called EPSiT - Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment, that guarantees:

- no pain

- shower the same day of surgery

- normal activities from the day after the operation

- very low recurrence rate

- tiny and nearly no visible scar (5mm)

Endoscopic pilonidal sinus treatment is the most common treatment for pilonidal sinus.

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Traditional surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus requires a long incision in the mid buttocks groove, with asportation of all the tissue down to the bone and closure. The result is a long and painful wound that can get easily open and/or become infected during the post-operative course due to its peculiar position.

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At Dr. Rami Hamed Center, we are proud to offer – first in the UAE – a minimally invasive treatment for pilonidal sinus called EPSiT.  

Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment (EPSiT)

This is a very innovative method - performed only with a tiny 5 mm incision on the sinus itself, with no ugly scars and painful wound medications performed in a Day Care setting

After the incision is made, a fistuloscope (Meinero fistuloscope) is gently inserted. This allows the surgeon to directly see and treat all sinus tracts. The sinus is destroyed with the coagulation performed with a monopolar electrode and then debris are gently removed with a micro-brush.




The result is a tiny 5 mm incision, without any post-operative pain and immediate possibility to resume daily activities like walking, showering and even sport.

This technique is especially designed for professional football players and other sport competitors needing to early resume daily activity but gives a big advantage to all patients, therefore avoiding the long postoperative course of the traditional techniques and the ugly scar.

There is no need of any paying particular attention, except a twice a day washing with saline solution of the small incision.

Esthetic results are excellent already after 7-10 days. with nearly 0 recurrence rate and absolutely no pain.

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The proctologist at the proctology clinic at our center provides better diagnosis of hemorrhoids, epsit pilonidal sinus. We offer hemorrhoid treatment, hemorrhoidectomy, epsit surgery, hemorrhoid surgery, and THD hemorrhoids. We offer the best pilonidal cyst doctor in Dubai Healthcare City.

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