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Dubai Proctology/Colorectal Surgery Clinic

What is Proctology?

Proctology is defined as a branch of surgical specialty that deals with diagnosing and treating disorders of the colon, rectum, and anus. Proctologists often are seen for complex lower digestive tract issues or when surgery is needed to treat the patient.

Who is a Proctologist?

A proctologist (now called a colon and rectal surgeon or a colorectal surgeon) is a medical doctor who specializes treatment of diseases and conditions of the lower digestive tract, which includes the anus, rectum, and colon.



In what cases should you turn to a proctologist?

  • Itching, pain, or discharge in the anal area
  • Change in bowel movement habits (alternating periods of constipation and diarrhea)
  • Frequent urge to defecate (going to the toilet)
  • A sensation of a foreign object in the rectum
  • Bloody or mucous stool
  • Lump, bump, or inflammation in the skin in the anal area
  • Long-term or inexplicable abdominal bloating
  • Hemorrhoid problems during pregnancy or after childbirth

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Proctology Services in DRHC Dubai:

If necessary, the patient has the chance to benefit from the consultation with our gastroenterologist, performing sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies.

We treat most benign diseases on an outpatient basis, on-site. Mild hemorrhoids are removed with rubber-ring tying, while for more serious cases we use either a special Doppler test to measure the artery supplying the lump, and stitch it up painlessly or the stapled procedure (proctopexy).


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Dr. Rami Hamed Center - provides the latest minimally invasive techniques to treat all proctological problems from hemorrhoids or piles to rectal prolapse, anal fistula, anal fissure, rectal bleeding, pelvic dyssynergia, obstructed defecation syndrome, and chronic pelvic pain.

Colorectal Surgery at DRHC is provided by one of the Best Surgeons in Dubai. DRHC has highly qualified and experienced proctologists and has one of the best proctology clinics in Dubai. To consult with a colorectal Surgeon in Dr. Rami Hamed Center Dubai, you can call +97142798200.