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The tooth is made up of two parts :

  • Crown: The tooth crown is the part of the tooth which can be seen in your mouth. The crown itself is composed of 3 layers, the enamel is the outermost layer and the layer you see when someone with a healthy oral environment smiles. The second layer which is the thickest is known as Dentine which overlays and protects the last layer which is the dental Pulp. The Pulp itself is divided into two parts, a part present in the crown known as coronal pulp and a part present in the root known as radicular pulp.
  • Root: it is the portion of the tooth that cannot be seen, it is embedded within the bone and anchors the tooth into its position with the help of the supporting structures.

A tooth cavity is an abnormal space created on the surface of the tooth due to bacteria and the acidic products it releases. It can occur in the crown area damaging the enamel and then penetrating into the dentin. In case the caries weren’t removed and the bacteria or its products penetrate into the pulp this will lead to a severe toothache which will require root canal treatment.

That’s why here at the Best Dental Clinic in Dubai a regular check-up every 6 months is performed on our patients, and in the case of any caries proper intervention will be made to remove caries and prevent its penetration into the pulp.

What are the interventions done here at the dental Department at Dr. Rami Hamed Center, and how do you detect a cavity?

Here; the accurate detection of the presence of the cavity is done using multiple methods. The most important and effective one is our dentist’s experience and their tactile sensation, where the tooth cavity and caries have a different sensation than the healthy portion of your tooth. We use a sharp instrument to help them with the detection of caries. The other method used here is the use of caries detection stain. This is complicated in cases where the stain is applied and stains the area in which there is a presence of caries. Also, the X-ray plays an important role in the detection of caries, especially those present between the teeth which are difficult to reach and see.

Now that you know how we detect caries here at the best dental clinic in Dubai; how do you think we treat this cavity created by caries?

The first thing after detection of the caries is the removal of it to prevent further penetration into the deeper layers of the tooth. After properly cleaning the tooth cavity it should be filled, depending on the width and the depth of the cavity our dentists will choose the proper restorative method and material.

There are two methods of dental restoration :

  • Direct Restorations: Such as composite or else known as the white filling is known as a direct restoration because our dentist will apply it directly to the tooth after choosing the proper shade and color similar to your tooth. After that special procedure will be done, to assure that the filling is securely bonded to the tooth structure. The dental laboratory has no involvement and the restoration will be done on the same within minutes depending on its complexity. We use the best filling materials, mixed with the skills of our dentists to assure you longevity and a proper replication of the lost tooth structure.
  • Indirect Restorations: These restorations are fabricated in the Dental laboratory. They are more durable than the composite, and with our labs, we assure you of a proper and accurate replication of the lost tooth structure. The benefits of indirect restorations are that there will be no change in color and it won't get stained over time, plus its ability to withstand forces of mastication without fracture and lasting of more than 20 years. But this will take two visits because our dentists will perform the proper tooth preparation and take an impression which later will send to the dental lab to fabricate the indirect restoration. In the following visit, our dentist will securely place the restoration into the cavity using special materials that will be applied to both, the restoration and the cavity.



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