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Dental Clinic in Dubai - General Dentistry 

Simple, Quick, Painless, Prevention and Treatment

Striving to be the best dental clinic in Dubai is not an easy task. That's why we armed ourselves with a team of the best dentists in Dubai in order to achieve our goal and provide our patients with an excellent world-class dental service. So; at the dental department in Dr Rami Hamed Center, we offer you and your entire family modern dentistry with the help of scientifically based treatment methods. The General dentistry department focuses on individual diagnosis and treatment of present disease, teeth, jaw, and mouth area. 

From preventive care, diagnosis of caries, periodontal disease and its treatment, root canal treatment, restoration, extraction of the tooth, and a perfect smile we care about your individual situation and individual wishes.

Our dentists are well-experienced and will help you in your sense of well-being, and the health of your teeth and maintain your quality of living.  Yearly routine dental checkups support the early detection of diseases and the ongoing health of your teeth.

Our qualified dental hygienist is providing you with a proper service in the prophylaxis of your teeth and gum through a regular visit, which is appointed individually in a consultation. At Dr Rami Hamed Center our dental team works as one unit in order to deliver the results you always wished for, with minimum pain and comfort.



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Dr. Hafsa Al Idrissi