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Dental Emergencies - Dental Clinic in Dubai

Dental pain and toothache are considered to be one of the most unpleasant and horrifying experiences anyone can go through. At the Best Dental Clinic in Dubai, our dentists make sure to relieve that pain and get you back the life that you lost due to that awful pain. Dental emergencies are those dental conditions that require immediate medical attention.

The most common dental emergency we face in our Dental Department at Dr. Rami Hamed Center is acute severe inflammation of the pulp tissue. This pain is characterized as continuous, severe pain that might increase on biting, this pain usually interferes with your sleep and wakes you at night. This inflammation of the pulp is known as irreversible pulpits. Our dentist will perform an emergency access in which all caries are removed and then we remove the inflamed pulp from the root canals and place a sedative dressing to reduce the pain and then book you an appointment. Sometimes the pulp will be inflamed but to a lesser degree, this is known as a reversible pulpit in which it is differentiated from type one by the pain will start with the presence of a stimulant and will disappear after the removal of that stimulant. The treatment is just caries removal and placement of a temporary sedative filling. After a couple of weeks, you will be called back to reassure and reassess the condition, and in case no pain is present a final filling will be placed.

The other most common dental emergency we face is that done after the extraction and is called a dry socket this condition usually occurs after 2-3 days following the extraction and is characterized as a severe throbbing pain which may be radiated to other areas of the face. Our professional team of dentists will clean the hole created by the extraction and then we will place a sedative dressing to reduce the pain. This process may be repeated multiple times until the pain subsides.

Many other dental emergencies are faced by our team of dentists who in their turn stand alongside you, to relieve your pain and restore your life back to how it was before that awful experience.


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