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What is PRP hair treatment?

PRP, (platelet-rich plasma therapy), treatment is an injection-based procedure that will stimulate hair growth and improve hair thickness. The PRP is derived from the patient’s blood and contains hair growth triggers, stimulating new hair follicles when injected into areas of thinning or receding hair. At DRHC, we believe this treatment will help you regain a full, healthy set of hair without the need for an operation. 

Am I a suitable candidate for PRP?

PPR hair treatment is suitable for those struggling with hair loss or thinning, men or women. However, the best candidates are those who are experiencing early-stage hair loss or thinning.

First and foremost, we believe in personalized care, which is why your PRP therapy for hair loss begins with a consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists in Dubai. They will assess your individual needs and medical history to determine if PRP therapy is the right option for you.

Is PRP hair treatment safe?

The procedure uses your own blood, so there is a very small chance of having a bad reaction. Patients may experience mild redness, itching, and mild pain at the site of injection. No need to worry about these effects as they are normal and will improve quickly.

How does PRP hair treatment work?

The process is very straightforward:
1 – Blood collection: blood sample taken from the patient
2 – Plasma Separation: Blood is put in a machine to separate the PRP (plasma) from the rest of the blood 
3 – Injection: The PRP containing hair growth factors is injected into the scalp
4 – Hair growth: The growth factors will stimulate new hair growth and improve thickness.

Led by an expert dermatologist, Dr. Rami Hamed Center offers specialized PRP hair loss treatment that can help restore your confidence and revitalize your hair.

The procedure is quick, mostly painless, and will occur over multiple sessions. At DRHC, we are determined to guide you through this procedure and answer any questions or concerns. Get in touch with us and book an appointment to take the first step in saving your hair.

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