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Dubai Dermatology Clinic for Cosmetic Dermatology at DRHC

  • DRHC has one of the best cosmetic dermatologist in Dubai. Our Dermatologists provide all types of procedures for skin care and rejuvenation together with procedures using Injectable fillers and fillers to maintain youthful and smooth skin over the face and neck area. Expert Dermatologist in Dubai DRHC offers Hair Removal,Laser Therapy, Tatoo Removal, Botox and fillers and any other skin problems.
  • Our Center is equipped with all modalities of laser treatment to help this purpose and in addition to all other chemical medication which is used for peeling, rejuvenation and anti-aging purposes.

Our Cosmetic Dermatology offers the following:

Stem Cell Facial Treatment:

Stem Cell Facial Treatment regenerates damaged skin cells and repair minor scars resulting in significant skin vitality and ability to regenerate. The skin will be more hydrated and feel more smooth and youthful.

Dermal Creams and Masks:

We have a high-end selection of sun-protection, home-peeling and rejuvenation products for face and eye masks.

Pigmentation Treatment:

Pigmentation disorder can either be due to over-production or under-production of melanin. For people with pigmentation condition, their skin may appear to be darker or lighter than normal.
These conditions can be treated by different products including medicine, Q-Switch Laser and some other methods which can be discussed during the visit.

Skin Peeling:

Peeling is usually used to remove the damaged outside layer of the skin and also used to improve the smoothness of the skin. This is mainly used on the face to improve uneven skin colour, texture, wrinkles, and to exfoliate the dead skin in order to reveal the revitalized new skin layer.
This can be helpful to remove stretchmarks and rejuvenate any skin part of the body.

Skin Whitening:

Skin Whitening can be achieved by using chemical products. This can be used to treat hyperpigmentation which can be congenital or sometimes due to hormonal changes.
This is achieved by applying either organic or chemical product which is generally safe and has a quick and very promising result.

Cosmetic Anti aging:

  • This procedure is used to change and improve the appearance of the forehead and around the nose lines, and improve the smile appearance.
  • This anti-aging substance, that is injected to the facial muscles will stop the contraction and therefore, a change of appearance will occur. Other facial muscles, which have not been injected will continue to contract normally allowing normal facial expressions.
  • Usually, the result of  Injectable fillers starts to take effect within the next 3-5 days, and reach the final result at approximately 10-12 days. The effect of the Injectable fillers will last for approximately 4 months, and the best period for the touch up will be around the 3 months period to avoid losing the complete effect.
  • Dermal fillers can also be used together with the  injectable fillers to give a better result. Our Cosmetic surgeon will be able to determine what to use to give the best appearance possible.
  • Another entity is what we call ‘’dynamic wrinkles’’, which is a wrinkle that appears when a person is smiling or laughing. With this, a special injection has to be given to the functional facial muscles if the treatment is directed toward the dynamic wrinkles, which will not affect the static wrinkles which we have outlined
    above. Therefore, the combination of  injectable fillers and dermal fillers may be a solution for this matter. We also provide treatment for Acne scars , Moles , Skin Tags , wrinkles.

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