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It is a Neurological syndrome happening when a blood vessel to the brain is blocked for a short period of time and reopens. The patient manifests stroke-like symptoms, like slurred speech, blurring or loss of vision, and weakness in the hand or leg.

These symptoms last for minutes to less than 24 hrs and the patient is asymptomatic after that. Precisely because the symptoms disappear, many times TIA is neglected. But TIA is a warning sign of future stroke and should NEVER be neglected.

One study found that about 10-15% of patients who experience TIS, throw a full-blown stroke within the next 3 months.

Stroke and TIA have similar risk factors, like Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, bad cholesterol, disturbances in rhythm of heartbeats, smoking, Obesity, physical inactivity, etc. Aggressive control of them is needed to avoid future strokes.

Imaging of the blood vessels of the brain is also an important part of TIA workup to optimize the management.


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