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We are proud to say that we have one of the strongest Division of Chest and Sleep Medicine in Dubai. Our Division is deeply committed to the missions of academic medicine, including patient care and education. The objectives of the Pulmonary Outpatient Clinic are to provide timely and high quality sleep disorder consultation and follow up their progress.  

Scope of services:

We provide a unique set of sleep diagnostic and treatment services.


Diagnostic Services 

Initial Patient Assessments:
Ages accepted: 8 – 99 years of age

Patient Status: Outpatient only

Sleep Complaints Evaluated:

  • Sleep Apnea (Obstructive/ Central)
  • Organic sleep disorders
  • Parasomnias
  • Hypersomnia
  • Or other sleep disorders

Exclusions: the patient should be medically stable to perform the sleep test, any untreated psychiatric or medical condition that would affect the validity of the study or endanger the clinical staff.

Referral Type:

  • Physician referred
  • self-referrals 

We will perform a thorough medical assessment to assess your sleep disorder and you may be referred for further sleep testing to provide you with the appropriate treatment. 

Treatment Services
Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatment Services - 
Our Sleep Centre provides a comprehensive treatment service for patients with OSA.


What is the treatment of sleep apnea?
There is a variety of treatments for OSA. This involves lifestyle changes, such as avoiding alcohol and sedative medications, losing weight, and quitting smoking. Some people use special pillows or oral appliances to keep the airway open during sleep.


What is the Specific treatment for sleep apnea?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), in which a facemask is attached to a tube and a CPAP machine that blows pressurized air into the. Mask and through the airway to keep it open. There are also surgical procedures intended to remove any tightened tissue and widen the airway; some individuals may need a combination of therapies to successfully treat their condition. 

What are the Potential risks of untreated sleep apnea?

Untreated sleep apnea may put you at risk of a number of life-threatening conditions including heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and even other diseases.


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