DRHC Dubai Medical Nutrition Clinic

Sport Nutrition Program at DRHC Dubai

Our company Wellness by Design provides individual and group nutrition counselling and education generally giving private consultations to assess their client's lifestyle, eating habits, training schedule and use of medications and supplements.


Our responsibilities include: 

  • Body Testing: Body composition testing is used to determine the ratio of water, fat, minerals and muscle in the athlete and determine the metabolic rate and amount of kcal they need daily
  • Increase energy levels
  • Promote good health & advise them on how diet can optimize their performance and recovery from injury
  • Help manage weight, weight loss
  • Develop body composition and growth
  • Evaluates nutritional supplements, including herbal supplements, for legality, safety, quality and efficacy; monitors use of appropriate supplementation
  • Assessing hydration status
  • Muscle-building program that must be accompanied by adequate nutrition
  • Enhance adaptation and recovery between training session
  • Arranging for food services and developing menus for athletics to make sure the team receives the proper nutrition they need both while at home and travelling

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Dubai Nutrition Clinic at Dr Rami Hamed Center provides nutrition programs such as sports nutrition with nutrition specialist.