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DRHC is proud to offer an amazing THD solution to hemorrhoid patients. Our surgeons have advanced experience with this technique with extremely good results. THD is becoming a very regular procedure in our center due to the successful results, and minimum downtime, and is a relatively painless procedure, with more than 10 cases done every month. unfortunately, we can not show photo results online due to the sensitivity of this matter, but our surgeons during consultation would be able to demonstrate to you photos that will explain the great results achieved which will hopefully sound like a definite solution for your painful hemorrhoids.  

What is THD (Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization)? 

In our current advanced era everything has become easy to manage, and covering the problem of Hemorrhoids is now backed up by a super surgical procedure called THD (Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization)This technique is guaranteed to provide relief with a fast return to activities of daily living. 
  • Dearterialization is the ligation of hemorrhoidal arteries to reduce arterial overflow to the hemorrhoidal piles. it is done by identifying the arteries precisely via a special ultrasound Doppler. The interruption in blood circulation through this process helps the contraction of the hemorrhoidal cushion. Since the ligation is placed over the dentate line, it causes virtually no pain and does not affect the sensation of the anal area.
  • Mucopexy: This procedure can also be done in association with THD, and it involves the plication of the redundant rectal mucosa/submucosa that facilitates the transposition of prolapsing tissue into the anatomical site.

Guidance on the preparation for surgery 

  • This is a matter of the surgeon’s preference and doesn’t involve any specific preparation since it is done in the lower rectum. In some cases, the surgeon may ask for one or two enema(s) before surgery if the patient is not in severe pain. 


  • The procedure is done under both (general and regionalanesthesia

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Equipment involved with! 

  • The procedure accomplishment contains a specific device produced by THD S.p.A., Correggio, Italy. A double crystal Doppler probe ensures clear converging of the ultrasound waves within the operative window allowing capturing of large diameter arteries placed in the superficial layers of the rectal wall, allowing selective ligation of the hemorrhoidal arteries

Complications and supervision 

  • THD  is associated with a very minor risk of complication.  It may cause rectal discomfort or mild pain sometimes but it can also be managed with anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesics.
  • However, few patients may experience rectal bleeding which may disappear very soon after the operation. This problem also arises due to irritation of the rectal mucosa during the surgical procedure, or due to prolonged straining, constipation, or diarrhea

Final words

  • Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD) treatment is an effective treatment for hemorrhoidal disease. This is a proven advanced technique available for many patients suffering from complicated hemorrhoids.

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