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As a general rule: most hemorrhoidal prolapses require only medications and lifestyle modifications, but some of them are best treated with surgery.

Traditional methods like Ferguson and Milligan-Morgan procedures require surgical asportation with a very painful postoperative course.

Conversely, we believe in modern hemorrhoid treatment surgery, with the aim of guaranteeing patients a smooth and quick recovery after surgery. 

So either we use the Doppler ligation of the vessels feeding the hemorrhoids and a pexy of the redundant tissue or we definitely resect the prolapse with a circular stapler, therefore repositioning the hemorrhoids in the normal anatomical position (Longo technique and STARR).

Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair Systems (HAL-RAR or THD) is a Day Case procedure, with no cutting, no removal of tissue, and no open wounds, with a short procedure time and quick return to daily activities.

Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment:  The process involves using a focused beam of light to Treat hemorrhoidal tissue, effectively sealing off the affected blood vessels and reducing swelling.

Longo and Stapled TransAnal Rectal Resection (STARR) techniques are normally used for 4th-degree prolapses or in women patients with descending perineum and the presence of rectocele.

Because traditional treatment of hemorrhoids or piles can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, many patients prefer to live with the problem rather than see their doctor. Choose the most modern hemorrhoid surgery with maximum long-term results! Personalized care. Permanent results.


Now - at Dr.Rami Hamed Center - instead of painful operations, we offer the newest minimally invasive hemorrhoids or piles treatment that allow patients to have:

- No visible scars

- Very few to no pain

- Quick return to daily activities

- Very low recurrence rate 

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These are the 2 new techniques offered to patients with hemorrhoidal prolapse by our expert proctologist

1- Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH) or Longo stapled anopexy

This technique has been invented by the Italian surgeon Antonio Longo. This is the only surgical procedure able to remove, with a circular stapler, the prolapsed tissue causing the diseases (hemorrhoids should be better considered as hemorrhoidal prolapse). In fact, since hemorrhoids are accounting of 15-20% of the continence, they shouldn’t be removed but only lifted up (thanks to the removal of the prolapsed tissue) and replaced in the correct anatomical position and de-vascularized. This technique is normally used for 3-4th degree hemorrhoids, so when is difficult or not possible to replace them in the anal canal.



2- Stapled TransAnal Rectal ResectionSTARR

This technique is very similar to the PPH, but more tissue is excised in order to get the expected results. Therefore is used in advanced cases or in women patients with important rectal prolapse and the presence of rectocele  

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