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Post Weight Loss Surgery:

Obesity is a lifestyle pandemic. Bariatric Surgery has come up a huge way and we at DRHC believe in providing the most genuine and scientific opinions and treatments to one and all. A key to a successful result is appropriate patient selection. A key to best results is fine-tuning the diagnosis so as to decide whether you will benefit from excisional procedures versus tightening procedures.

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Humans with a Body Mass Index over 31 will benefit from weight loss. This weight loss can be surgical/ medical or physical. Physical effort is no doubt best but often takes longer and needs a commitment from the patient.

The commonly done bariatric interventions are sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, and intragastric balloon. One loses around 30-60% of one’s body weight after these procedures and once the weight loss has stabilized, which takes around 8-12 months, there is deflation. The role of plastic surgeon starts in post-bariatric surgery with the skin sagging down like a deflated balloon. Skin tightening/ Lifting surgeries are required to fit the loosened skin envelop on your newly shaped inner body (Like tucking your loose clothes). These surgeries are named according to the body regions and go as follows

  • Upper Body Lift (For Upper Back and Chest)
  • Lower Body Lift/ Belt Lipectomy (For Tummy, Lower Back and Buttock)
  • Thigh Lift (For Thighs – to correct the loose baggy pant appearance of thighs)
  • Arm Lift – Brachioplasty (For arms)

Dr. Ateesh Borole is a double board-certified  Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon in Dubai. He has been practicing the fine art of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in India (Mumbai) and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). He is a qualified plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, hand, and microvascular surgeon holding double-board certification in general surgery as well as plastic surgery. He is proficient in complex trauma and cancer reconstruction and has a special interest in hand surgery. He has specialized in Cosmetic Surgery with a full-time fellowship and does nonsurgical cosmetology and cosmetic surgery.


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