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Brazilian Butt Lift- Buttock Augmentation – Butt Enhancement

Brazilian Butt Lift aka BBL is a procedure that has recently become popular due to social media. BBL is technically a Liposculpture in which fat transfer is done to the buttocks. Social media trends by Popular celebrities have resulted in ever-increasing inquiries for this procedure. It enhances the backside thereby giving a balance to the profile. Other options for buttock augmentation are silicone implants or fillers. The fillers however are temporary and need to be redone to maintain results. Silicone implants offer permanent enhancement and are a good alternative for people with less body fat to spare for fat transfer.

The foremost component of BBL is liposuction which removes excess fat from the tummy, waist, thighs, and back. This creates negative spaces and the suctioned fat is then processed and injected in the buttock area and hip dips to create positive spaces on the profile view.

Typically 300 to 900 cc of fat may be injected on each side depending upon the individual patient's characterizes and expectations. However one has to remember one cannot fill a glass to more than its maximum capacity, and in case you desire further enhancement the procedure needs to be carried out in stages so that the transferred fat does not get strangulated due to overzealous filling.

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Some important facts :

Candidates for Surgery:

  • People with flat posterior parts.
  • People who desire a more plump buttock.
  • People who have excess fat in other areas of the body.
  • Medical fitness for surgery will be decided by our experts, so as to assure you the best possible results.

Duration: This is a hospital-based procedure. Depending upon the complexity of the procedure and add-ons you may need to be in hospital for 1-3 nights.

Only BBL you will be discharged the same day, but if combined with other significant procedures you might need to stay overnight in the hospital.

Anesthesia: Local/Regional/IV sedation/General Aesthesia depending upon the number of components selected.

Recovery: You will be guided thru the recovery by our team. You will have to take care not to bear weight on the areas which have been grafted. You will be required to sleep on your tummy and ensure postural modifications as suggested by our team. You can resume desk jobs within a week. You should be pain-free within a week’s time and resume graded workouts within an additional 6-8 weeks You will be required to wear pressure garment details and benefits of which will be discussed by Dr. Ateesh with you in detail during the consultation. Immediately following the surgery you will notice appreciable results, often appearing overcorrected. This is normal as 30 to 40 percent of the fat transferred will be naturally reabsorbed and excreted by the body. So there is waxing and waning of volume in the operated area due to resorption and regeneration of fat cells. The final result will be visible only after one to one and a half years.

Longevity of results: Permanent as long as you maintain your body weight within the limits as advised by the surgeon. Our team stays with you in your post-surgery journey with nutritionist and dietician support. Scars settle over a period of time. The transplanted fat takes between 12-18 months to settle down.

dr maen

Dr. Maen Al-Aissami

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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