DRHC Dubai Audiology Clinic

Audiology - Developmental Milestones

Does your baby: Birth to 4 months:
  • Awaken or stir at loud sounds?
  • Startle at loud noises?
  • Calms down on hearing familiar voices?
  • Smiles or coos to your voice?
4 to 9 months:
  • Turn eyes toward the source of the sound?
  • Smiles when spoken to?
  • Notice rattles and other sound-making toys?
  • Cry differently for different requirements or situations?
  • Seem to understand simple word/hand motions such as "bye-bye" with a wave?
  • Make babbling sounds?
9 to 15 months:
  • Different types of Babble?
  • Respond to his/her name?
  • Say "ma-ma" or "da-da"?
  • Responds to changes in emotions of voice?
  • Understand simple requests?
  • Use his/her voice to attract attention?
  • Repeat some sounds you make?
15-24 months:
  • Points to familiar objects when they are named?
  • Follow simple commands?
  • Listen to stories, songs, and rhymes?
  • Use several different words?
  • Point to body parts when asked?
  • Puts two or more words together?
  • Names common objects?