DRHC Dubai Audiology Clinic

Tinnitus Station

Assessment-Tinnitus Station (Tinnitus Management)

  • High-Frequency Audiometry. (up to 16,000 Hz)
  • Pitch & Intensity Matching.
  • Tinnitogram.
  • Residual Inhibition.
Management - Tinnitus Trio
  • Software is compatible with any Android phone.
  • High-Frequency headphones or earbuds:
- Recommended duration of use-2 to 3 hours a day;
- Changes are seen around 6-8 weeks;
- Significant changes are seen around 6-8 months;
  •  Can wean off the device once tinnitus is significantly reduced
  • Components of Software:

- Composite Modulated Tones (CMT);
- Composite Modulated Noise (CMN);
- Composite Modulated Environmental Sounds (CMES);
- Composite Modulate Music (CMM);