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Hearing aids are sound-amplifying devices designed to aid people who have a hearing impairment. The most important parameters in determining a suitable hearing aid for you are:

The results of your hearing test, your lifestyle, the type of hearing aid you prefer and your level of dexterity.

Based on your individual needs, our qualified Audiologists will recommend a hearing solution that is personalized for you to make you feel comfortable wearing your hearing aid.

Styles of hearing aids:

Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids use the latest innovative technology and are custom-made to fit completely in the ear canal. A very sleek and ultra-discreet hearing aid for those who may feel a little self-conscious about the visibility of hearing aids. DRHC offers an Invisible Hearing aids solution in Dubai Healthcare City Branch.

Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids are housed in a small curved case offering varying levels of cutting edge technology which fits discreetly behind the ear, (BTE) hearing aids are connected by a clear, thin tube to a custom-made ear mould. With easy to access controls (BTE) hearing aids are ideal for those with dexterity problems.

In the Ear Hearing Aids

The ear (ITE) hearing aids have the latest digital technology contained in a custom moulded casing that fits in the ear. Although this type of hearing can be visible within the ear, (ITE) hearing aids are very easy to handle and have easy access controls.


  • Audina Hearing Aids.
  • Aided Audiogram.
  • Hearing Aid Programming.
  • Ear Moulds and Ear Plugs.

If you are in search of the best audiology clinic that offers visible or invisible hearing aids in Dubai, just call +97142798200. DRHC Dubai offers earplugs with the best quality.