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Your teeth are capable of withstanding enormous forces of mastication, but over a period of time your tooth structure might wear off and your tooth might get damaged, cracked and weakened by caries. When your tooth gets weak, its ability to withstand those forces will decrease, which will eventually lead to the fracture of your tooth resulting in extensive pain which would usually require extraction depending on the level of the fracture.

To prevent this from occurring a dental crown should be placed on the weakened tooth, but what’s a crown?

A crown or dental capping is a fixed prosthodontic which is cemented (applied) over the existing teeth structure to prevent the remaining tooth from fracture. A crown is also used after root canal treatment this is because after root canal treatment the structural integrity of your tooth has been weakened making the need for a crown necessary.


Are crowns only used to protect the remaining tooth structure?

Other than protecting a tooth which has already been weakened either due to carries or a preexisting large restoration (root canal treatment), Dental crowns are also used to :

  • Cover severely discoloured or abnormal teeth.
  • Correct occlusions in some cases.


Should crowns always be metal to withstand the forces of mastication? and what are the kinds and types of crowns?

Well, no.  Crowns are not only metal here at the best dental clinic in Dubai we provide our patients with almost every type of crown present, these are:

  • Metal crown: not widely used anymore, but here some of our patients request them especially those crowns made up of.
  • Porcelain fused to metal: this kind is made of a metal layer, and overlaying that layer is a layer of porcelain that will mask the layer of metal and have the same colour as the adjacent tooth.
  • All Ceramic crowns: These are mostly used in the highly esthetical areas of the mouth, because of their ability to blend with your natural teeth colour and replicate a natural teeth appearance.

Here in the Dental Department at Dr Rami Hamed Center, we deal with the best dental labs in Dubai, which are able to replicate not only the color but also the exact shape of the tooth being crowned.

The procedure of making a crown usually takes two visits depending on the type of crown you choose, most crowns are done in two visits but the Porcelain fused to metal may require an extra 5-minute visit as our Prosthodontist will assure the proper fitting of metal on your prepared teeth and that there is no presence of a gap between the metal and the teeth because if present this gap will act as a harbour for Bacteria which will eventually lead into the formation of caries that will destroy the remaining tooth structure that the crown was made to protect.                                                                (This procedure will be done to the other types of crowns but on the same day of delivery.)

First Visit:

Hereafter the diagnosis and clinical assessment are done by our prosthodontist they will start with tooth preparation in which they will remove an amount of tooth structure up to 2.5 mm all around the teeth and the amount removed depends on the type of crown. This preparation is done in order to provide enough thickness of material over the tooth, and the thickness should be enough to withstand the forces applied to the teeth. While doing so a finish line will be created, the finish line is where the crown edge meets the tooth, the final procedure done in the first visit is taking an impression which will accurately show all features on the prepared teeth, before dismissing the patient he will be provided with a temporary crown made up of acrylic to prevent teeth sensitivity and pain in the non-root canal treated tooth. Our prosthodontist in this visit will also choose the colour of the crown.

Second Visit :

In this visit after receiving the crown from the dental lab, Our prosthodontist will remove the temporary crown and check the permanent crown occlusion, fitting, its margins, colour and shape after making sure that everything is done perfectly and making sure there is no gap between the crown and the teeth, Our prosthodontist will cement the crown,  and the occlusion is checked once again to assure that you have a perfect crown that should stay fit for a lifetime.


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