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Post and Core


What is Post and Core Dental Treatment?

Post and Core Dental Treatment is an important part of Prosthodontics, a branch of dentistry that deals with the restoration and replacement of teeth. This treatment helps in restoring the strength and stability of a tooth by placing a post inside it. The post acts as an anchor for the core material which is then used to build up the tooth to its original shape. It can help restore lost teeth, improve function, and prevent further damage from occurring. It is important for patients to understand what this treatment requires in order to make informed decisions about their dental health.
There are two types of a post and core, custom-made and prefabricated but both have the same concept and function

Benefits Of Post And Core Treatment?

Post-and-core treatment is a dental procedure that helps in the restoration of a tooth by using a post-and-core foundation. It is often used when a dental implant is not possible due to the lack of healthy bone. The procedure helps in preserving the natural tooth structure while providing strength to the tooth to withstand the forces of chewing. Post and core treatment has many benefits, such as improved aesthetics, increased stability, and better biting force. It also helps in preventing further damage to the surrounding teeth. In addition, Dr rami Hamed center in Dubai offers some of the best treatments available with experienced dentists and Prosthodontists who can provide you with quality care.




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