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What is a dental implant?

An implant replaces a missing tooth and consists of several parts.

The implant body is an artificial tooth root, which is placed in the jaw bone. The "supra construction", the actual denture, is the visible part of the implant.

The implant body is usually made of Titanium, a very well tolerated metal, between 8 and 16 mm long and remains firmly with the jaw bone.

The majority of the implants consist of several components. Length and diameter of an implant are selected according to how much bone is available. Immediately after inserting the implant, the implant body is closed with a cover screw. The healing abutment relieves the healing of the gums during the healing phase and forms the gingiva (= gum) in the required manner. The abutment is firmly screwed to the implant body and forms the support for bones or the dentures.



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