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GULF KEN Treatment at Gastroenterology Clinic DRHC Dubai

The Gastric Ultra-Light Feeding (Gulf) is the latest Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition method (KEN) for weight management and weight loss. It follows the same principles of the KEN technique and is given in the form of a flowing current light formula.

Before the Procedure:

You'll have to be Fasting before this procedure, and it is preferable to have a recent blood test with lipid profile and fasting glucose level to make sure that the baseline labs are fine, as the KEN method contains a protein-rich formula.

The Procedure:

  • The procedure is done on an outpatient basis (no need for hospitalizations or surgeries), removing all the risks related to surgical procedures and/or anesthesia.
  • A millimetric NG tube (nasogastric) is inserted through the nose into the stomach. After making sure that it is in the stomach with the aid of an X-Ray, it is then fixed to the skin using a transparent sticker,
  • Feeding is delivered through a small machine pump that will be given to you which can be carried. The continuous infusion of proteins creates a state of ketosis in the body, which makes you feel no hunger. Usually, it's kept for a cycle of 10 to 15 days.



This procedure allows the patient to lose between 4-9% of their initial body weight. It works by switching the body to a ketogenic mode where it breaks down its own stored fat, making it a direct energy source to the body, while the proteins delivered through the NG tube will make you not feel hungry, helping you maintain your normal daily activity.

After the procedure:

Multiple cycles of that procedure can be done until you reach your desired weight. However, it's recommended to have a ten-day rest period between every cycle, KEN can be repeated after that interval.

Side effects:

Although the procedure is usually complaint-free, some symptoms may accompany:

  • Feeling tired, Heartburn, Nausea, or vomiting.
  • There is a vast array of indications for the need to use the NG tube (sick or chronically ill people). Subjects will have to walk around with a tube taped to their nose while carrying the formula bag, which may be embarrassing or cause others to think that they are sick.
  • Subjects must be supplemented with oral fiber and encouraged to have an active lifestyle.
  • Laxatives might be necessary.
  • Foul-smelling breath is one of the KEN's cons, as the ketones released during fat-burning are expelled via the mouth and urine.

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