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What is FUE-Direct technique?      

Fast track and secured harvesting

FUE- Direct is new advancement in hair restorative procedures, performed with hi-tech manual + motorizes equipment and instrumentation, using exclusive skill and technique for maximum harvesting of grafts, without deforming their physical condition and anatomical structure, in a shortest possible time.

State of the art quality management protocols

FUE-Direct technique also requires exclusive protocols and management to prevent extracted grafts from dehydration, swelling, mishandling, splitting and delayed placing into recipient sites, (post harvesting protocols) therefore, to help achieve optimum results.

New instrumentation for FUE-Direct, harvesting up to 3500 + grafts in one session

FUE Direct Hair Transplant | DRHC Dubai Hair Transplant Clinic

Professional justice

The most crucial and vital aspect of the technique is associated with placing of grafts, at right time and at right place, besides, controlling the angle, depth and the distance between the grafts. At this stage, unlike most clinics, where this part of job is often performed by incompetent assistants, sometimes, under trainees who can’t do justice to the task and produce only bad results.

At DRHC, on the other hand, each surgery procedure is undertaken professionally and all the vital steps are carried out by the surgeon himself, along with a team of skilled surgical Experts who, finally, contribute to excellent quality results.

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10 reasons you should choose“FUE Direct”  for your hair Implant. 

Highest Density

FUE – Direct technique ensures highest possible density of hair; up to 3000 + follicular grafts (6000 – 7000 hair) without removal of donor strip in a single surgery session.

Highest Graft Survival Rate

Graft survival rate in FUE Direct is much higher than conventional FUE procedures because of rapid transfer of grafts to recipient sites, enhancing the growth rate of Implanted hair to 100%.

100% Natural Texture

With FUE –Direct, the quality of Implanted hair i.e., texture, diameter, sheen and pliancy remain natural because of super survival technique while with conventional FUE and FUT (strip removal techniques) hair texture is, mostly, damaged often become lifeless, course, thin and, curly.

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           Why choose DRHC for your hair Implant?

Faster Hair Growth Rate

Growth rate of Implanted hair with FUE Direct is higher than conventional FUE and strip removal techniques due to faster placing time.

Quicker Healing Time

A wound healing with FUE –Direct procedure is much quicker due to exclusive protocols, therefore, causing lesser trauma compared to other techniques.

Shortest Surgery Time

The time duration for FUE –Direct is much less compared to all other hair Implant techniques, which avoid unnecessary fatigue and discomfort to the client.

No linear scaring – No stitches – No pain

FUE-Direct is safe and painless procedure where donor strip is not removed, therefore, no stitches are required nor there is any linear scar formation at the back of head.

No post operative complications

There are no post operative complications, i.e. feeling of stretched neck or sustained pain at the donor area. Also there is no risk of permanent numbness at the vertex or crown of a head as may be possible in donor strip technique.

Quick return to routines

Due to less traumatic in nature healing of wounds at the donor area is also much quicker, allowing the patient to get to his routine life, immediately, after the procedure including exercise and free movements of head and neck etc.

Health and safety

Hair Implant by FUE-Direct  does not Involve invasive surgical applications as well as require short term post procedure treatment making it much safer, comparatively.  

If you are thinking for your hair Implant, immediately, or in a near future then don’t waste your time and make an appointment with our qualified consultant for hair and scalp check. We shall evaluate your hair loss problem and discuss with you different options to meet your specific requirements. We definitely consider your hair loss very seriously – just contact us at +97142798200 for more details. DRHC offers the best hair Implant procedure in Dubai.

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