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Oesophagus Cancer

  • Esophagus is the tube connecting the pharynges with the stomach and allowing food passage to the stomach. It consists of two layers; the mucosa and the muscular one.
  • The mucosa can develop tumors that are mostly malignant. This can first lead to difficulty in swallowing hard food, followed by difficulty whilst swallowing a soft and fluid diet.
  • The diagnosis in our center can be easily done via endoscopy; the malignancy can be confirmed later after a biopsy and histology examination to determine the type and grade of cancer.
  • The CT scan, the laboratory tests can provide information about the cancer stage.
  • The only therapy to cure a patient from the malignancy of the digestive system is surgical resection. Chemo and or radiotherapy are supportive procedures; they can be given prior to surgery to reduce the size of cancer or after the surgery to destroy cancer cells that cannot be seen during surgery and hence cannot be removed.
  • Our Gastroenterologist will thoroughly evaluate the case and the general condition of the patient; and his fitness for any particular advanced surgical procedure. Sometimes patients need nutritional support and optimization before undertaking the surgery. Unfortunately, Oesophagus cancer carries a poor prognosis, and our expert will do his extreme best to modify the prognosis to the best possible by fast diagnosis and adequate technique. Our records of survival rates are extremely promising.
  • In case it is required to remove a complete or part of the oesophagus, then the stomach will be modulated in its form from balloon to tube, and connected to the remnant part of the oesophagus.
  • We may sometimes, consider palliative treatment in very weak patients by inserting a stent if indicated to allow peaceful time for the patient. 
  • Our surgical results are comparable to the best international centers in the world.


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