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Revolutionary technology to overcome the problem of Hearing Loss


  • Although bone-anchored hearing devices were developed as early as 1965, it was only in 1996 that they were approved as a solution for conductive and mixed hearing loss.
  • However, today, these devices have emerged as the most feasible solutions for people suffering from different types of hearing loss problems.
  • This method is suitable for people who cannot use “wear in the ear” or “behind the ear” hearing devices due to various reasons.

How do these devices work?

  • The bone-anchored hearing aid or BAHA as it is commonly known is based on the body’s natural ability to transmit sound with the help of bone conduction.
  • The surgical implant consists of two main parts. The first of these is a small titanium implant placed in the bone behind the ear.
  • The second part comprises a sound processor that is attached to the implant. The sound processor converts the sounds into vibrations which are then sent directly to the inner ear of the patients through their skull bone.
  • This method of treatment of hearing loss is extremely effective as the ear canal and middle ear are completely bypassed for transmission of sound resulting in clearer hearing

BAHA Surgery Overview

  • The surgical implementation of BAHA is not too complex procedure and is completed approximately within 1 hour under general anaesthetic condition, within a hospital operating room.
  • The procedure requires the insertion of a titanium screw and abutment into a hole drilled into the skull, from which all fat and skin follicles have been removed.
  • Once the screw has been inserted, the skin is sewn back together and two dressings are applied. The outer of these two dressings is removed the day after the operation while the patients need to wear the inner dressing for the next 7 to 10 days.

Benefits Of BAHA

  • BAHA can help a wide range of patients suffering from hearing loss to overcome this impairment and lead a normal life.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, the procedure is beneficial not only for patients who have obtained a diagnosis for conductive or mixed hearing loss, but even for those suffering from single sided deafness, chronic ear infections or even those whose outer and middle ear has not been properly formed.
  • The procedure is also extremely beneficial for patients who might not be able to make use of traditional hearing aid to get relief from deafness.
  • Most importantly it is suitable not only for adults but also for children, with an adjustable soft head band made available for children under five years.

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