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Your tooth is Diamond, Preserve it!

No, we are not exaggerating when we consider your tooth as a diamond, your tooth is much more valuable than you think. Imagine your tooth is extracted and replaced with an artificial one to get rid of that awful toothache.  Well no! There is nothing like your natural tooth. DRHC has one of the Best dental clinic in DubaiDRHC offers the best root canal treatment in Dubai.

At the dental department of Dr.Rami Hamed Center, we always aim to save the tooth and save your precious diamond from being lost. Using the top of the line equipment and instruments; our team of Endodontist will perform that horrifying root canal treatment you have heard of with an ease and a quick and painless treatment. 

But what's the tooth composed of? And what's a root canal? Our tooth could be divided into two parts one which is over the gum, the one we see and it’s called a crown and the other part is hidden within the bone and the gum known as the root. In the root, a small space exists which carries nerves and blood supply this space is known as the root canal.

In the case of infection reaching out to the root canals this will require professional intervention and filling to relief pain and prevent further and more complicated consequences of no treatment being done at all, the procedure is known as root canal treatment.


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Dr. Sameeha Al Marzooqi