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A snap-on smile is exactly what it sounds like! A smile you can simply snap into place over your natural teeth hassle-free! DRHC offers removable veneers in Dubai dental clinics.

  • What is it made of?

It is fabricated in a dental laboratory from a material known as crystallized acetyl resin, resulting in a thin yet strong esthetic solution to your smile.

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  • What is the procedure to get my Snap-On Smile?

1st Visit: Consultation/Treatment Planning

  1. The doctor will assess your expectations and ask you what you dislike about your teeth or what you would like to change in your smile.
  2. The doctor will tell you exactly whether your expectations can be met with snap-on smile or if any other treatment would be more suitable for you.
  3. To move forward, a doctor will take upper and lower impressions of your teeth to send to the dental lab so that they can fabricate the snap-on smile on models of your teeth.
  4. You will be asked to choose what shade (from a shade palette) you would like your new smile to be.
  5. Photos will be taken as records to aid the dental lab in fabricating the snap-on smile.

2nd visit: Delivery of Snap-on Smile and Photographs

  1. The snap-on smile will be presented to you and the doctor will check the fit and the comfort of your smile.
  2. If all is well you are free to take your new smile home after the doctor gives you instructions on how to wear and care for your snap-on smile.
  3. Photographs will be taken for the doctor's records with your consent. 
  • How long will it take till I can take my Snap-On Smile home? 

It can take up to 3 or 4 working days for the dental technician to fabricate your snap-on smile. 

  • All in all, Snap-On Smile offers an easy, comfortable, pain-free solution to get your dream smile, while preserving your natural teeth.
  • No pain and no injections or painkillers needed!
  • You can eat and drink with the Snap-On Smile in place!
  • Very easy to care for!


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