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Ceramic Veneers - The perfect smile or Hollywood is one of the most demanding dental procedures in order to achieve your dream smile. All procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry are done in order to give you that perfect Hollywood smile. To book an appointment call +97142798200.

Cosmetic dentistry is a newly born branch of dentistry that has a primary objective of providing that perfect smile to patients in order to boost their self-esteem and make their smile something they are proud of. DRHC offers a clinic for cosmetic dentistry in Dubai with expert cosmetic Dentists. To know about cosmetic dentistry procedures in DRHC Dubai, call +97142798200.  We offer General & Cosmetic dentistryTeeth whitening, Dental implants, Veneer, Hollywood smile, etc.

Now, what's a Porcelain veneer?

Porcelain Veneers / Ceramic veneers are one of the most famous dental cosmetic procedures, resulting in a complete makeover for your smile. It’s a thin shell of ceramic that will be bonded to your teeth, after taking into consideration your facial appearance, skin, gum, and even your hair colour to achieve the perfect HOLLYWOOD SMILE you always have dreamed of. It's like a fake fingernail that will hide all forms of imperfection underneath them.

What can those imperfections be?

Those imperfections which could be hidden using the Porcelain veneers are :

Discoloured teeth: This can have a lot of reasons, it could be due to previously root canal treated tooth in which a greyish discolouration will be noticed or stains which have occurred due to taking certain medication's during the development of the permanent teeth which may vary from yellow or grey to a brown stain depending on the taken dose.

Another reason for teeth discolouration is the large intake of fluoride also during teeth development, especially in the first eight years of life, this discolouration may vary according to the amount and period of intake. It may be white spots on the surface of the tooth in mild cases, and yellow to dark brown stains with irregular tooth surface in severe cases.


  1. Tooth wearing down: Wearing down of tooth structure is usually considered normal, especially for those who are old in age, but sometimes it may be due to a para-functional habit such as teeth clenching. Lost tooth structure will result in an unpleasant, unhealthy smile due to the disturbance which has occurred in the tooth-gum ratio.
  2. Teeth that are broken or chipped: The main cause of this, is usually trauma in other words accidents and usually seen in people practising aggressive sports.
  3. Teeth that are misaligned, irregular in shape, or uneven: not all misaligned teeth could be masked with veneers and you should understand that the veneers won't realign your teeth as braces do, so some cases orthodontic treatment should be done followed with veneers.
  4. The gap between the teeth: The most unpleasant gap between the teeth is the one between your central incisors (Front teeth) this space is medically known as a Diastema.
  5. Presence of a large restoration. (filling) 

How are veneers made here? 

Step One: Smile assessment:

Before starting with the preparation or starting to choose the color of your veneers, a smile assessment should be done in order to understand what is right for you. At the best dental clinic in Dubai, our Cosmetic dentists will start the smile assessment with facial photographs (photographs of the face), which later on will be used to assess your facial profile and shape. Also, take your skin, hair, and even eye color when designing your smile. After those facial photographs intra-oral photographs will be taken, and here is the most sensitive part of this cosmetic procedure, in which the design of your veneers and smile will be set. We use a computer program to help us with this critical task, in which we could predict the results of your new smile, how will it look on you, and alter both teeth and gum accordingly to achieve the perfect smile which will fit your facial profile.

Step Two: Trial smile period:

In this step, an impression is taken to create a study cast (study model) in which a mock-up smile will be created using wax. This mock-up smile is designed according to the predicted smile we had from the computer software, then a provisional veneer is made using composite or plastic according to the wax-up teeth. Here the patient can try to asses the smile himself and see what others think of it, and he could ask for any change and alteration to be made to his smile.  

 Step Three: Tooth Preparation and impression:

When the patient is satisfied with the smile and is convinced that this is the smile he deserves, we begin the tooth preparation process. Tooth preparation or grinding of the tooth in veneers is less aggressive in comparison with crown preparation. The amount of tooth removed depends on the desired results and on the position of the tooth. After the completion of the tooth preparation, an accurate impression will be taken and will be sent to the lab to create the permanent veneers. A temporary veneer is made using acrylic material and placed to protect the teeth and prevent teeth sensitivity.

Step four: Creating the permanent veneer

This is the step of creating the permanent veneers which depends on the impression taken in step 3. The results and accuracy depend on the dental lab creating your veneers, so; we at the dental department at Dr. Rami Hamed Center deal with the best dental labs so that we could assure our patient's perfection.

Step five: Placement and cementation of the permanent veneers

Here is the end of the journey, the permanent veneers will be placed and bonded securely to your teeth, making it almost impossible to remove except for the use of laser or dental drills.


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