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Despite significant advances in the medical care of  pregnant women and neonates, the incidence of cerebral palsy has not changed in more than 4 decades. It is still the main cause of disability in childhood.

In patients with hemiplegia or quadriplegia, upper extremity involvement is common. The typical deformities in the upper extremities for cerebral palsy patients include:

  • Shoulder internal rotation contracture
  • Forearm-pronation and elbow flexion deformity
  • Wrist flexion deformity
  • Finger in flexion deformity
  • Thumb in palm deformity

Cerebral Palsy - Upper Extremity Disorders 2 - Dubai Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic

Treatment Options

Our treatments for upper extremity conditions primarily focus on procedures that help the patient maintain function and hygiene. Our pediatric orthopedic specialist offers a wide range of cerebral palsy treatments. For more information about cerebral palsy causes or treatments in Dubai DRHC, please contact our customer service at +97142798200.

The treatments include:

  1. Shoulder Internal Rotation Contracture: We perform shoulder derotational osteotomy and/or subscapularis and pectoralis lengthening with biceps lengthening and capsulotomy. After this procedure, the hand can reach the face, making eating by hand or washing the face possible.

  2. Forearm-Pronation and Elbow-Flexion Deformity: We perform biceps and brachialis muscle lengthening, brachioradialis origin release, lacertus fibrosis release, pronator teres muscle release, and flexor carpi ulnaris muscle transfer to extensor carpi ulnaris brevis.

  3. Wrist-Flexion Deformity: We perform flexor muscles lengthening or release or transferring the flexor muscle into extensor muscle. In the late stages, we perform wrist arthrodesis.

  4. Thumb-in-Palm Deformity: We perform a release of the adductor pollicis muscle and stabilization of the metacarpophalangeal joint. This procedure helps the patient to make a strong grasp.

All of these procedures are accompanied by physiotherapy, and orthoses are needed to achieve the best results.

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