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Our teeth work as a mirror, reflecting our diet, lifestyle and even health, the color of our tooth is influenced by these factors that might lead to tooth discoloration, which gives an unpleasant smile.

Millions and millions of people choose to whiten their teeth to get rid of these unpleasant non-attractive discolorations and get a whiter smile.

 How my teeth have the color and how do they change?

We should know and understand that the teeth are divided into 3 layers the enamel which is the outer layer of the tooth which is translucent and white in color.  Dentine the thickest layer of the tooth present between the first and last layer and is yellowish in color and the  pulp layer which contains nerves and blood supply. The color we see is due to the reflection and scattering of lay rays from both enamel and dentin layer. 

The color of the teeth depends on the thickness of enamel and dentin in which a thinner enamel layer will allow more appearance of dentin giving a more  yellowish color to your teeth. Also, enamel contains small tiny pores which will hold up stains gained from diet or other habits.

 So what is a tooth discoloration ?

Tooth discoloration is one of the most challenging and common cosmetic problems most of the people has, especially those seeking the perfect smile to boost their confidence and give them that Hollywood Smile they always dreamed off.

The causes of discoloration may be from stains covering the outer layer of teeth or may be due to stains in the inner layers of teeth.

So there are two kinds of stains:

  • Extrinsic stain: the stain which occurs on the outside layer of the tooth, caused mainly by food and beverages, such has coffee,tea,cola and even smoking. 
  • Intrinsic stain: It is the discoloration of the tooth structure from the inside, which mainly occurs due to abnormalities or systemic diseases that occur during the development of the permanent tooth leading into this kind of stains.
  • whitening teeth
  • whitening teeth
  • whitening teeth
  • whitening teeth

For extrinsic stains teeth whitening is the best way to give you a brighter, nice looking smile. But for the intrinsic stains it requires other cosmetic approaches such as porcelain veneers or Lumineers®.

So teeth whitening is making your teeth brighter, but how does it do that and what are the kinds of teeth whitening?

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You should know that there are two kinds of teeth whitening:

  • Vital teeth whitening : when the teeth pulp and nerves are still present
  • Non-Vital teeth whitening : when the teeth pulp has already been removed 

For the vital teeth whitening they are also divided into two types:

  • professional whitening teeth
  • Home teeth whitening

The main concept behind every kind of teeth whitening is placing a bleaching (whitening material) on the teeth surface. The material will chemically break down creating oxygen particles which penetrate the enamel layer and brighten your teeth .

What are the differences between each kind of teeth whitening?

1.) Vital teeth whitening is also divided into two types :

       > professional teeth whitening

       >Home teeth whitening 

Professional teeth whitening

is done usually using hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching material which will then be activated using a light activation system. We use the best activation system combined with the best whitening material to assure you a white, bright smile. Our whitening procedure will take up to an hour.

Home teeth whitening

After taking an impression and fabricating a custom tray our dentist will provide you with a special bleaching material that is weaker than the materials used in the in-office teeth whitening. You will apply the material into the tray and will place it in his mouth for a couple of hours. You will continue this process until the desired result is achieved. 

Non-vital teeth whitening

The vital teeth whitening may not have an effect on a teeth which is discolored and is root canal treated. Our dentist while provide bleaching to this teeth by placing the bleaching material inside the tooth leaving it for a couple of weeks until the desired result is achieved. 


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