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Meatal Opening in Dubai at DRHC Urology Clinic

The meatal opening, also known as the external urethral orifice, is the opening at the tip of the urethra through which urine is expelled from the body. In males, the meatal opening is located at the tip of the penis, while in females, it is located in the vulva. The size and shape of the meatal opening can vary between individuals. It plays a crucial role in the urinary system by allowing urine to pass from the bladder out of the body. Problems with the meatal opening, such as narrowing (meatal stenosis) or inflammation, can lead to difficulties with urination and may require medical attention. Here is a comprehensive overview:


  • Location: In males, the meatal opening is at the tip of the penis, while in females, it is at the front of the vulva.
  • Structure: The meatus is surrounded by the urethral sphincter, a muscle that helps control the flow of urine.


  • Urination: The primary function of the meatal opening is to allow the passage of urine from the bladder out of the body.

Common Issues:

  • Meatal stenosis: Narrowing of the meatal opening, which can lead to difficulty urinating or spraying of urine.
  • Meatal ulceration: Ulcers or sores that can develop around the meatal opening, often due to irritation or infection.
  • Inflammation: The meatal opening can become inflamed, leading to discomfort or pain during urination.

Diagnosis of Meatal Opening

  • Physical examination: A healthcare provider may examine the meatal opening to look for signs of issues such as stenosis or inflammation.
  • Urine tests: Tests may be done to check for infections or other urinary tract issues.

Treatment for Meatal Opening

  • Medication: Antibiotics may be prescribed for infections, while anti-inflammatory medications can help with inflammation.
  • Surgical intervention: In cases of severe meatal stenosis or other issues, surgery may be necessary to widen the meatal opening or address underlying problems.


  • Hygiene: Good hygiene practices, such as washing the genital area regularly, can help prevent infections and irritation.
  • Avoiding irritants: Avoiding harsh soaps or chemicals near the meatal opening can reduce the risk of irritation.

Complications of Meatal Opening

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs): Inflammation or infection of the meatal opening can lead to UTIs.
  • Difficulty urinating: Narrowing of the meatal opening can make it difficult to empty the bladder completely.


he meatal opening is the opening at the tip of the urethra where urine exits the body. It is essential for urination and can be prone to issues such as stenosis, ulceration, or inflammation. Treatment options include medication and, in some cases, surgery. Practicing good hygiene and avoiding irritants can help prevent issues with the meatal opening.

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