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Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdiscectomy - Spine Hospital Dubai

This is generally the same as microdiscectomy but the instruments are special dilating cylinders to allow access to the surgical area without significant damage to the paravertebral muscles. It is certainly advantageous for postoperative pain and also provides excellent visibility during the procedure. Recent development in instrumentation allowed an even less invasive option called Full Endoscopic discectomy, which allows greater visualization and safety and even less post-operative pain, and a quick return to usual activities.  

Discectomy is considered alone without fusion in case of disc prolapse with symptoms concentrated in the leg with no significant lower back pain. It may be carried out as well as part of intervertebral spinal fusion procedures such as PLIF (posterior-lateral interbody fusion), or TLIF (Trans foraminal interbody fusion) to address the lower back symptoms if significant.  


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