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DRHC / Dr Rami Hamed Center
Prosthodontist in Dubai DRHC

Dr. Hafsa Al Idrissi


Education: DDS, MSc, CAGS

Speciality: Prosthodontics

Website: https://drhafsaalidrissi.com/

About Dr. Hafsa Al Idrissi

DRHC is proud to welcome Dr. Hafsa Al Idrissi as Prosthodontist in our Dental Clinic in Dubai. Dr. Hafsa has more than 12 years of experience in Prosthodontic treatments.  She has served as head of dental department in many leading dental clinics in Dubai.  Dr. Hafsa is an expert in guiding and is a good decision maker on evaluating dental treatment restorability. 

She has served as a team leader and supervisor in many surgical and non-surgical extractions. She is  focused on treating implant-supported prostheses primarily using Straumann Implant system  and other systems. Dr. Hafsa is  a leading practitioner for treating TMJ related rehabilitation including the biomechanical principles of occlusion and sleep apnea /snoring device

She has achieved her fellowship in TMD Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine. She is an active member of the American Academy Of Fixed Prosthodontics.

Dr. Hafsa is an expert in implants, limited orthodontics, dentures, veneers, dental surgery, and general aesthetics and she has a good understanding of other dental practices that includes Periodontology and Oral Medicine, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Operative Dentistry, Fixed and removable prosthesis, and Pediatric dentistry.

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