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Tooth extraction or tooth removal from the bone of the jaws can be a very painful and an unpleasant experience, but that’s not the case at the best dental clinic in Dubai where tooth removal is done painlessly and quickly in order to remove that source of pain and infection. Call +97142798200, to consult with the best dentists in Dubai.

Tooth extraction is the last treatment we go for at the dental department at Dr. Rami Hamed Center because we believe in the concept that your tooth is a diamond and that it should be saved by all means possible. But in some cases, the best treatment is to remove your teeth. DRHC offers the best dentist for wisdom tooth extraction.

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The reasons behind tooth extraction is :

  • Presence of severe tooth infection, and the presence of an abscess that cannot be treated by root canal treatment.
  • Fractured teeth and root fracture: the only treatment is extraction especially in the case of vertical root fracture which will be diagnosed as pain on biting on a decay free tooth.
  • For orthodontic treatment: in some cases, our orthodontist may request extraction of one or multiple teeth in order to create enough space to orthodontic move and realign teeth.
  • Tooth that cannot be treated by root canal: This is usually due to the abnormal anatomy of the root or the complete calcification of the root canal, preventing the proper cleaning of the root canal system from bacteria, which will keep on acting as a source of infection.
  • Tooth mobility: the mobility of teeth is due to gum disease that will eventually lead to the resorption of the supporting bone.
  • Non-restorable tooth : the tooth is considered non-restorable when the tooth caries and decay are at and beyond bone level.
  • Extraction of an impacted or erupted wisdom tooth that is acting as a source of pain or infection.

At the best dental clinic in Dubai, Our dentists and surgeons are capable of performing all kinds of extraction which are divided into two types :

  • Simple Extraction: Also known as forceps extraction it is when the tooth is visible to the eye and above the gum. After local anesthesia the dentist will use and elevator to expand the move then use the forceps to remove the tooth from the bone.
  • Surgical Extraction: This extraction is done when the tooth is hidden under the gum and covered with bone. This kind of extraction is usually seen in the wisdom tooth. Our dentists will perform this under local anastheia or under sedation, it also can be done for patients with high anxiety under general anesthesia here a flap will be raised ( gum will be cut ) and in case the tooth was hidden in the bone, it will be exposed by removing the bone and then extracting the teeth.


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