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Depression is the most common mental health problem faced by people of all ages around the world. Each one of us may have faced some situations in life that would have made us susceptible to depression. We all may also know someone who is going through depression currently and needs help with it. It is extremely important to identify the common signs and symptoms of depression so that we can help ourselves and our near and dear ones who are dealing with this illness.

Depression is usually characterized by sadness of mood and a decrease in energy leading to increased lethargy and marked tiredness after only little effort. The sad mood and low energy are usually constant throughout the day and is often unresponsive to circumstances. Sometimes, there may be a characteristic diurnal variation, some people experience early morning worsening and their mood improves as the day progresses, for others, they feel more energetic during morning hours and feel worse during evening hours.

There is a loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were previously enjoyable and a significant lack of emotional reactivity is experienced to normally pleasurable surroundings and events. Depression also makes individuals socially and emotionally withdrawn. They refuse to go out and socialize with their friends and family, in comparison to their previous normal selves. At home, they mostly stay either quiet, confined to their rooms, not participating in any familial interactions or activities.

In some cases of depression, patients may have symptoms of anxiety, restlessness, palpitations, breathlessness, tingling sensations in hands and feet, and GI distress (nausea, vomiting diarrhea, or constipation). Panic attacks may also be seen in some cases of depression. Depression and mood changes may also be masked by added features such as irritable behavior, getting angry over trivial issues, excessive consumption of alcohol, exacerbation of pre-existing anxiety or obsessional symptoms, or bodily preoccupations.

Commonly people experience reduced attention and concentration at work and are unable to fulfill their daily academic, work, and household responsibilities and activities. Changes in biological functions are also seen in depression such as disturbed sleep, decreased appetite, weight loss (often defined as 5% or more of body weight in the past month), and significant loss of libido.

The core thoughts in depression are negative beliefs such as ‘hopelessness’ (bleak and pessimistic views of present and future), ‘worthlessness’ (ideas of being useless and purposeless about self and own ability), loss of self-esteem (lack of confidence and critical about oneself), or ‘inappropriate guilt’ (punishment for past misdeeds).

Frequently, ideas or acts of self-harm or suicide are seen in depression. It is important to understand the severity of such thoughts and behaviors. Ideas of self-harm are seen as passive death wishes (wants natural death, but does not think about ending life); self-harm ideas (ideas of harming oneself with the intention to end life, but no plans are made); suicidal ideas and plans (ideas of harming oneself and making plans with the intention to end life); and suicidal attempts (acting on plans with the intention to end life).

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