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Welcome to DRHC Dubai, where we are committed to helping athletes and sports enthusiasts stay in motion. Under the expert guidance of our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rami Hamed, we utilize the revolutionary  GOLDIC® therapy to treat a wide range of sports injuries.

Goldic For Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a common occurrence among athletes and can significantly impact their performance and everyday life. 

The most common sports injuries are:

Sports like football, alpine skiing, handball, tennis, and volleyball are often associated with these injuries. The good news is, many of these sports diseases and injuries can be treated without surgery.

GOLDIC® Therapy for Overcoming Physical Strain

Physical strain and overuse are common causes of sports injuries. Almost every sport has a typical disease named after it like Ski  thumb,  tennis  elbow  &  Co., often due to physical overload. As more and more people engage in competitive and recreational sports, excessive stress symptoms are becoming increasingly common.

Take for instance the famous “tennis elbow”, a term everyone knows. This tendonitis or epicondylitis of the forearm can occur even in non-tennis players. In racket sports, the grip size of the sports equipment is often considered to be the decisive cause. But even a wrong arm position in the profession (writing, gardening, etc.) or a wrong sleeping position can trigger this inflammatory disease.

Symptoms and Treatment

Typical symptoms include pain and tenderness on the lateral side of the elbow, pain or weakness in grasping or twisting the wrist, and pain associated with lifting objects. Tennis elbow is a common injury that will usually heal with minor treatment, but it requires time and rest. The same symptoms occur in the “golfer’s elbow”, but here the overload of the forearm flexor muscle on the inside of the elbow joint is responsible.

GOLDIC® Therapy: A Successful Treatment Alternative

For both acute and chronic conditions (persistence of symptoms over an extended period of time), GOLDIC® therapy can provide a successful treatment alternative. The most common cause of chronic sports injuries are overuse or overwork and not cured, acute injuries. However, there are still chances of healing.

GOLDIC® therapy is also used to treat other repetitive stress injuries in sports such as:

Goldic Therapy for Achilles Tendonitis in Sports Medicine

Goldic therapy emerges as a promising solution for Achilles tendonitis, a frequent ailment affecting athletes due to the high stress endured by the Achilles tendon during dynamic movements. Characterized by pain, swelling, and inflammation, Achilles tendonitis requires long-term treatment to alleviate symptoms and address underlying causes. Goldic therapy offers a novel approach, promoting tissue regeneration and accelerating healing processes within the tendon. By supporting cell proliferation and tissue matrix regeneration, Goldic therapy aids in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and restoring tendon function. Its application in Achilles tendonitis showcases its potential to revolutionize sports medicine, offering athletes effective relief and facilitating a quicker return to optimal performance levels.

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At DRHC Dubai, we are committed to helping you return to your active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Rami Hamed and our team can assist you on your journey to wellness with GOLDIC® therapy.Call us at DRHC to book your appointment at +97142798200