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Cholesterol: how to lower cholesterol.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the world. It is mainly caused by the clogging up of the arteries by a fatty substance known as atheroma, which comes from having too much ‘fat’ in the blood. This serious process is called atherosclerosis (a condition that can lead to heart attack or stroke).

There are two types of fat (cholesterol and triglyceride) that cause damage if their levels are too high.  A special blood test taken after fasting for at least 12 hours can tell if one or both of these fats are too high.

If your triglyceride level is too high, fixing the problem is usually quite straightforward because it is mainly due to being overweight. It is caused by having too many kilojoules in the diet, especially from sugar and other carbohydrates and high kilo-joule drinks (e.g. soft drinks and alcohol, in particular beer). The aim is to get your weight down to an ideal level.

High cholesterol is a bigger problem, and if your level is too high it is important to reduce it.

  • Cholesterol is a white fatty substance made mainly in the liver. We get high levels mainly through our diet, by eating saturated fats, especially from animal foods (therefore it is a rare problem in vegetarians) and also found mainly in processed products.
  • Foods to avoid include fatty meats, processed meat, most ‘fast foods’ especially if they are deep-fried, and snack foods like chips, cakes, biscuits, and pastries.
  • There are two main types—HDL ‘good’ cholesterol and LDL‘bad’ cholesterol. We aim to raise HDL and lower LDL. Most people can lower the level by changing their diet. In some people, the level is so high that, in addition to the diet, special medicine is necessary to reduce it to the right level.

The prescribed drugs are very effective.


  • Although cholesterol is present in animal food, it has been shown that it is necessary to reduce the amount of all saturated fats (vegetarian and animal) in our diet and to lose excess weight in order to get our cholesterol down.
  • Foods rich in starch (such as bread, rice, and pasta) and foods rich in starch and fiber, known as complex carbohydrates also help, ask your doctor the secrets of how?
  • The low-cholesterol diet achieves the required results, and if you need anti-cholesterol medicine/a big revolution in gene tests for overweight/it is available in our clinic.

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