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DRHC / Dr Rami Hamed Center
Dr. Khaled

Dr. Khaled Rajab


Education: DDS, Spec. Cert. (Orth),
                         Syrian Board (Orthodontics)

Speciality: Orthodontics 

About Dr. Khaled Rajab:

Dr. Khaled Rajab is considered as one of the most elite orthodontist in Dubai, now working in Dr Rami Hamed Center, Dubai health care city. He has worked as an Orthodontist in several clinics and hospitals with 21 years of experience in clinical practice and operational skills.

Dr. Khaleds's  journey started in 1993 as an Orthodontic Resident Doctor at Yousef Al Azma Military hospital, Damascus. From 1998 he worked as a visiting Orthodontist and Dental practitioner at Elite Hospital.He is a part time orthodontist in several clinics of Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The Dental department here at Dr. Rami Hamed center have had the privilege of having Dr. Khaled as his Orthodontist treating more than 70+ cases of all kind of usual and complex dental malocclusions.

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Scope of Services

All kind of Orthodontic treatments including :

  • Treatment of all kinds of malocclusion both dental and skeletal.
  • invisible Orthodontics orthodontic prep. for Orthognathic surgeries.
  • Treatment for TMJ disorders and Self ligation orthodontic techniques.
  • Adult orthodontic treatment.
  • Paediatric orthodontics.
  • Growth modification.
  • Exposure and treatment of impacted canines and teeth.
  • Jaw expansions.
  • Orthognathic surgeries
Dr Khaled uses the most advanced and top of the art materials and treatment methods in treating cases such as:


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