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Dr. Sanober Abdul Gaffar DRHC Dubai Internal Medicine Clinic

Dr. Sanober Abdul Gaffar

Specialist - Internal Medicine

Education: MBBS, MD(Internal Medicine)

Speciality: Internal Medicine

About Dr. Sanober Abdul Gaffar: 

DRHC is proud to have Dr. Sanober (Specialist - Internal Medicine) on board for the internal medicine clinic. Dr. Sanober is an internal Medicine specialist certified from MGM university of Health sciences Navi Mumbai, India. She has an experience of 7 years post qualification in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Sanober started her career in MGM medical college & Hospital as an Assistant professor and specialist Internal Medicine in 2013.She is Excellent in treating patients for a variety of Internal Medicine problems, cardiac, Respiratory, Renal, Endocrinaland Metabolic Emergencies .

During this period, she conducted Lectures &clinics for Medical, physiotherapy and other Allied Health students.She attended and participated in various state /national conferences and presented scientific papers at these occasions.

Internal Medicine Dubai

Scope of services:

  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Central Nervous system
  • Nephrology
  • Critical care Medicine
  • Hematology

Professional & Technical Skills

  • Capability in diagnosing conditions affecting the internal organs
  • Excellence in treating patients confined for a variety of internal medicine problems
  • Expertise in reading and interpreting laboratory results (ECG,2D Echo, Doppler Studies ABG) and utilizing them in patient treatment
  • Having sound Knowledge about ventilation (Invasive &Non-Invasive)
  • Management of cardiac, Respiratory, Renal, Endocrinal and Metabolic Emergencies
  • Closely Examine Patients medical history, Medications Allergies, Physical condition to verify necessity of operations and determine proper procedures
  • Inoculated and vaccinated patients to immune them from communicable diseases