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Breast Mammography

Is a specialized form of mammography that uses digital receptors and computers instead of the usual x-ray film to help examine breast tissue, basically it is an x-ray examination of the breast done digitally.

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How does it work?

Just like Digital photography, Digital Mammography works the same but, it uses x-radiation like digital X-ray. Your breast will be place on the image receptor and be press accordingly to cover all breast area. It is routinely done in both breasts with different angulations.

Who can have Mammography?

  • For Women’s breast

Why Mammography?

  • For screening, early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women
  • Localizer or clearance for breast surgery and implantation


  • Very low dosage of Ionizing Radiation (X-ray)

 Routine Operating Procedure in Mammography

  • Doctor’s request is reviewed first by the staff radiographer.
  • Safety questions are asked. (confirmation of Name & DOB, site of the problem, and pregnancy screening for females)
  • Hospital gowns are provided.
  • Patient’s personal belongings (including phone, credit cards, money, etc.) are all placed in the locker provided.
  • Radiographer will explain what will be the position and how many pictures to take to complete the exam.
  • All the times the patient is provided with lead protection to cover areas which are not involved in the examination.
  • Digital mammography exams are painless, fast and exposed to a low dose of radiation. It is important that patient remain perfectly still while the images are being captured. 

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