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An option for women with early stage cancer


  • For most women suffering from breast cancer, the very thought that of undergoing a surgical treatment that aims to remove their entire breast can be extremely depressing. However, most such patients are unaware of the fact that in case the tumour is detected in its early stages, they might not have to bear the brunt of this physical disfigurement.
  • This is because women suffering from early stage of breast cancer might be treated with breast conservative surgery which is also popular by the name of lumpectomy. This can prove to be a major confidence booster for the females as they can be treated for the deadly disease without having to sacrifice their vital body organ.

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What is Breast Conservative Surgery?

  • Upon being told about the breast conservative surgery, the first question that most people ask is, what is it? Put in the simplest terms, the procedure is essentially aimed at removing the cancer from along with a part of the normal tissue, while leaving as much of the breast intact as possible.
  • Although most females undergoing this surgical procedure might have to put up with some form of indentation in the breast, the doctors performing the procedure try their best to maintain the overall shape and symmetry of the organ.
  • In most cases, females who undergo this surgical procedure will also be required to undergo radiation therapy to ensure complete annihilation of the cancer cells.
  • What is most important however, is that opting for lumpectomy over mastectomy, does not affect the chances of complete recovery of the patients from the disease or their long-term survival.

Who needs Lumpectomy and why?

  • Having learned about what lumpectomy is, most women next ask as to when and why need it? The procedure might be required by females who have been detected with breast cancer that is still in its stage I or II.
  • The surgery will not only help to remove the malignancy and enable the patients to lead a long and healthy life, but will also keep a majority of their vital body organ intact.
  • However, not all females suffering from breast cancer can undergo lumpectomy. In general women who have a small sized single tumour or even multiple tumours that are located close together are considered to be the best candidates for this method of treatment.
  • In addition this treatment procedure might also be recommended to females, who might not have undergone radiation therapy or lumpectomy earlier. However, pregnant women or women suffering from serious connective tissue diseases are least likely to be advised this type of surgery.


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