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mr urography

Magnetic resonance urography (MRU) Does not utilize ionizing radiation compared to conventional and CT urography and therefore is favoured in patient populations such as pregnant women, children, and patients who need repeated examinations of the urinary tract. The above illustrate the unique advantage of using MRI Urography (MRU).

  • MR urography (MRU) can be performed without contrast administration .
  • Both anatomic and functional information about the urinary tract can be obtained in a single examination, potentially eliminating the need for other diagnostic examinations such as nuclear scintigraphy.
  • Diagnosis and staging of cancers of the kidneys, bladder, and prostate gland and the assessment of renal function.
  • MR urography is useful in  congenital abnormalities, including an abnormally positioned, rotated, duplicated, dysplastic, or absent kidney, as well as ectopic ureter, retro-caval ureter, primary mega-ureter, and uretero-pelvic junction obstruction
  • In pregnant patients, physiologic dilatation of the right ureter can be distinguished from an obstructive uropathy caused by a calculus without intravenous contrast material .
  • To avoid potentially nephrotoxic iodinated contrast material of CT , MR urography can be used also to evaluate potential renal transplant donors and assess for urologic complications following renal transplantation.

MRU is clearly an invaluable service, which we happily provide at DRHC.