SLAP lesion 


The SLAP (superior-labrum-Anterior-posterior) lesion is the avulsion of the biceps tendon origin from the superior labrum which is usually attached on the upper part of the glenoid fossa. This can happen as a result violent above head movement or weight lifting in the shoulder joint and can be associated with shoulder dislocation.

 This avulsion from the labrum usually treated conservatively in an arm sling and painkillers and mostly heals within few weeks unless the tear is significant in which case it will lead to ongoing pain and possible instability in the shoulder joint. 

 SLAP lesion can vary in types and has a specific classification depending on the severity and the exact location of the tear. The classification is usually done during the operative Arthroscopic procedure.

 Surgical treatment of SLAP lesion is usually carried out during shoulder arthroscopy by either debridment of the tear or repair using anchor sutures technique.

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