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 What the patients need to be absolutely aware of?

About the Elbow

  • The elbow is a hinge joint that comprises of three main bones namely, humerus, radius and ulna.
  • The olecranon, (the upper tip of Ulna) can be felt when an individual bends the elbow.
  • However, the lack of soft tissue volume around the elbow makes each of the elbow bones more prone to the risk of fracture.

Investigating the fractures

  • In order to provide the best treatment for elbow fractures, the orthopaedic doctors need to first conduct a proper examination to determine the exact location and extent of the fracture.
  • This might include performing an X-ray of the various parts of the arm on the basis of the patients’ complaints. The X-ray helps in revealing the altered alignment of the joints, any changes in the size of the joint space, and any marking lines on the bone.

Complications associated with Elbow fracture

There are several complications that the patients suffering from elbow fractures are likely to face. The most common of these are listed below.

  • Injury to the nerves and blood vessels that run into the elbow joint, which can further lead to serious complications.
  • The bones might not be joined in the anatomical position, which might lead to a permanent weakness in the arm or lead to deformity deformed.

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Treatment for Elbow fracture

  • The exact treatment of the elbow fracture depends on the severity of the injury which may be conservative or surgical.
  • In most cases, professionals providing expert treatment for sport injuries might recommend nothing more than placing the elbow in a use of a splint or a sling during the healing process for a majority of fractures.
  • However, in case the bones have been displaced or the fracture includes a major wound or deep skin cut, the doctors might suggest surgical treatment.
  • In case the bone is broken into multiple pieces, the doctors might use pins/wires, screws, plate and screws, or stitches to fix the bone pieces together again.
  • The gold standard is to stablize the fractures and start early moblization to avoid any joint stiffness.

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